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Feat 5 new technologies Header
08 March 2023

Chasing alternative solutions in wastewater treatment

Five examples of novel or innovative municipal wastewater and sludge treatment technologies aimed at meeting the global sustainability challenge, including anaerobic treatment, hydrothermal carbonisation, phosphate recovery, annamox and photobioreactors.

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Fig 1
27 November 2022

Pathogen removal by microfiltration MBRs

MBRs remove pathogens primarily through size exclusion by the membrane and dynamic fouling layer, entrainment within the activated sludge flocs, and subsequent wasting and biological degradation in the activated sludge, complicating LRV determination.

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Features water reuse fig 3
14 March 2022

Water reuse – where have we got to?

Water reuse refers to the reclamation, purification and reuse/recycling of wastewater from municipal or industrial processes. There are three types of water reuse applications: non-potable reuse, indirect potable reuse, and direct potable reuse.

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Southern Water’s Woolston wastewater treatment works - Darren checking the HMI
01 December 2021

Down by the river: the MBR at Woolston WwTW

The 37 MLD MBR at Woolston, UK, is an example of an imaginative plant design for an intensive process technology being implemented within a very small footprint. We were shown round the site to look at all the various inter-connected elements first-hand.

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Showing 112 of 69 technical features

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