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Simon Judd

Professor Simon Judd has over 20 years’ experience in teaching the fundamentals of water and wastewater technologies and is author of The MBR Book, Watermaths, and Industrial MBRs. Contact Simon at

MBR disinfection: playing with numbers?

Stephen Katz et al.'s recent article 'The disinfection capability of MBRs: credit where credit’s due' raises a few rather intriguing questions concerning the measurement of the disinfection capability of an MBR and, for that matter, any other water and wastewater treatment technology.

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MBR training – plugging the gaps

Just two weeks ago I found myself in Coimbra, Portugal delivering The MBR Short Course – now in its 18th year by the way – to CTGA, the environmental consultancy and engineering company.

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The MBR Site – what measure success?

Many marketing managers measure success by the number of clicks their advert receives, directing traffic to the advertiser’s website. This is important, obviously, but it’s also a fairly simplistic measure for a niche website like The MBR Site: it’s not like buying a self-help e-book or a smart phone accessory. The value of adverts is in brand awareness and that's why we present our adverts on every single web page – all 400+ of them.

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Climate change challenges in wastewater management

Managing wastewater in the context of climate change was discussed at the recent workshop on Wet Weather Overflows at this year’s WEFTEC in New Orleans, the latest in Ovivo’s 'Utilities Of The Future' series (stretching back many years). It was a thought-provoking session, with some compelling observations from the assembled panel.

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The joy of text − academic research papers

Academic research should be ground-breaking, novel and innovative. The experience of authoring and reviewing papers has provided me with a number of insights into writing patterns – and specifically clichés to be avoided, including the greatest sin of all.

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