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Incidence of keywords for MBR research papers appearing in the SCOPUS database, 2021-22 vs 2015-16
01 January 2023

MBR academic research, past and present

Academic research into MBRs has been dominated by studies of membrane fouling and foulant characterisation. Key topics, such as process failure risk, chemical cleaning impacts on membrane life, and pretreatment requirements, have been largely overlooked.

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Two-stage MFC-MBR: OC organic carbon, IEM ion-exchange membrane (for selectively passing H+ ions), FBD fine-bubble diffusers, CBD coarse-bubble diffusers
14 February 2022

Microbial fuel cells: something for nothing?

The MFC-MBR technology offers potential for low-energy wastewater treatment. But it is unclear how much latent electrical energy can be recovered from the wastewater and the cost is of retrofitting the MFC components to an existing MBR technology.

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22 November 2021

US vs SI units: a conversation on conversion

For the mechanical parameters of mass, length, time, flow rate, density, viscosity, force, pressure, energy and power, adherence to US units imposes unnecessary barriers in understanding their inter-relationships based on the governing physical laws.

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Shutterstock 139874146
06 April 2021

Guest blog: Trumping regulations

Pre-1970s, water regulation was about rights, to control excessive pollution. 1970-2000, there was a push to protect water sources from pollution. Since 2000, the watchwords have been sustainability and climate change but there is still some way to go.

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Abstract image of blue bubbles of different sizes in close up.
03 October 2019

Membrane science – a geek writes

In membrane science, you have physicists (film theory, hydraulic resistance and molecular dynamics) and chemists (chemical/biochemical stoichiometry, organic polymer synthesis and Gibbs–Donnan equilibria). Oh yes, membrane science is pretty hard core.

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Abstract image of of what looks like metal mesh, mainly pink on blue and black.
19 July 2019

Going forward with osmosis

Wastewater treatment offers examples of usefully combining two unit processes, like the MLE (Modified Ludzak Ettinger) process for nutrient removal, and combined screening/degritting for protecting downstream processes from rags and abrasive particles.

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