The 2015 MBR Survey results

In February 2015, we asked you to contribute to our MBR survey, with a view to sharing knowledge and experiences about the common technical issues that prevent MBRs working as they should, as well as your views about the future for MBR technology.

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Immersed anaerobic MBRs: are they viable?

There has been a recent surge of interest in anaerobic MBRs. The technology provides the potential for removing COD with a net energy benefit from the methane generated, albeit without nutrient removal. Interest within academia is evidenced by the publication of five independent reviews of the subject in various learned journals in 2012 alone.

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Feasibility, optimisation and costs | Water quality and treatability | Alternative membrane technologies and applications

Ragging in immersed hollow fibre membrane bioreactors

While most scientific articles about MBR systems suggest membrane surface fouling as being the main operational limitation for the technology, it is widely recognised by practitioners that clogging phenomena – possibly related to inefficient pre-treatment – are at least as important. It is also recognised that clogging takes different forms...

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Membrane operation