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Geographical split of 2012 survey respondents
04 January 2012

The 2012 MBR Survey – the results

In our 2012 MBR survey, we asked for the views of a range of MBR stakeholders regarding the perceived technical challenges facing MBRs: What is the main technical problem that prevents MBRs working as they should?

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Feat Mbr Panel Cleaning Fig 4
04 December 2011

Good chemistry: bespoke flat sheet MBR panel cleaning

When routine maintenance membrane cleans fail to achieve the required recovery, and more aggressive recovery cleans are also found wanting, ex-situ cleaning becomes necessary. This incurs extensive manual intervention, not always with guaranteed success.

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Nordkanal MBR, serving 80,000 population equivalent (Credit: Erftverband)
04 September 2011

MBRs in municipal applications − lessons learned

The German river association Erftverband has been into MBRs for municipal wastewater treatment for more than a decade, installing the first such system in Germany and commissioning what was the largest membrane bioreactor in the world.

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Distribution of MBR membrane products by installed capacity, 20 largest installations
04 July 2011

The Top 20 Largest MBRs in the World?

In October 2009, we received a list of what was thought to be the 20 largest MBRs in the world at that time. The peak daily flow capacities on that list ranged from 30 to 100 MLD, with the total capacity being just over 1,000 MLD.

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Aeration configurations: air-liquid two-phase flow patterns. In MBR systems where the applied air flow rates are relatively low, the most likely flow regimes are bubbly flow and slug flow (also known as plug flow)
04 June 2011

MemPulse MBR system vs traditional MBR systems

A number of factors have been instrumental in the acceptance of MBR technology in the wastewater industry as an alternative to traditional conventional treatment systems. Victoria Kippax explains the MemPulse MBR system.

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Shutterstock 127484963
04 June 2010

MBRs − a global picture

MBRs are growing in size and number, reflecting a growing confidence in the technology. The number of MBR membrane module products is currently increasing by 3−5 a year, and the market itself is growing exponentially at a rate between 11.5 and 13%.

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Clogging of MBR membrane channels in a hollow fibre module
04 May 2010

When MBR sludge goes bad

Phenomena relating to the agglomeration of solids has received little or no attention from the scientific community, and yet such irreversible deposition of solids clearly impairs MBR operation.

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