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Dynatec HiRate™ MBRsupplier page

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Supplied by: Dynatec Systems, Inc.
Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration | Polymeric membrane material

About Dynatec HiRate™ MBR

Dynatec Systems’ HiRate™ Industrial (MBR) membrane bioreactor uses external crossflow type ultrafilter membranes that have over three times the flux as the hollow fiber alternatives (60- 90 GFD vs. 20-25 GFD for hollow fibers).

Higher flux means less membrane surface area, ultimately saving capital cost on your project. Bioreactor aeration alternatives include coarse bubble aeration for commercial systems or, for higher strength industrial waste, the use of more efficient jet aeration for power savings in deep tanks.

Dynatec's HiRate™ Industrial (MBR) membrane bioreactor uses true UF Filtration, with 0.03 micron cross flow tubular membranes. Others use microfiltration (MF) with pore sizes 0.1- 0.4 micron, allowing more contaminants to make their way across the membrane surface. Combining sound engineering and process design with state of the art materials of construction has produced the HiRate™ Industrial (MBR) membrane bioreactor.

The membrane bioreactor has proven to be optimal for treatment of many industrial wastewaters because it is less susceptible to upsets. The Membrane Bioreactors (MBR’s) performance is not affected by changes in sludge settleability like the conventional systems, making MBR a wise choice for industrial systems that have more difficult to treat waste streams.

Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration
Polymeric membrane material

MBR Case studies and specifications

Company summary

Head office in Burlington, NJ, USA
Operates in Worldwide
700+ commissioned plants

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