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Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration | Polymeric membrane material


The Berghof B-SMART concept is an energy optimized process for reliable and economic treatment of medium and high strength industrial process streams and wastewater. 

The goal of Berghof Membranes is to treat effluent under all circumstances, independently of the feed flow and quality fluctuations, resulting in constant permeate flow at any time. In order to achieve this, Berghof Membranes has developed an intelligent system which continuously analyses the situation and responds automatically to varying conditions whenever this is required. This reduces the risk of shutdown or capacity-loss. Under regular flow conditions the system will operate at a low velocity of 1 to 1.5 m/s, with an average energy consumption of only 0.40.6 kWh/m3.

The B-SMART concept makes use of the unique feature 5 mm and 8 mm PVDF LE (Low Energy) membrane: it can be backwashed. Activated sludge from the bioreactor is pumped, at an optimized flow rate, through the externally positioned tubular membranes. An integrated automatic backwashing program controls the backwash cycles and backwash time in order to ensure reliable operation under economic conditions.

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Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration
Polymeric membrane material | Tubular membrane configuration (MBR / AnMBR / Crossflow)
Pore size: 5kD, 15 kD, 50 kD, 100 kD, 30nm

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