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Pure Envitech Co., Ltdsupplier website

Logo Pure Envitech
Based in Siheung-si, Korea | Operates worldwide
Offers Other (O) MBR membrane configuration

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • ENVIS ®
  • SBM ®
  • ECP
  • GLOBE ®
  • HP-MBR

About Pure Envitech Co., Ltd

Pure Envitech started in 1996. The following year, we developed a hollow fibre membrane for home use. Since that time, we have focused on a new technological membrane specialized in separating materials through steady research and development. We now have a fully-equipped manufacturing facility.

At present, the Pure Envitech membrane process is applied to more than 1,200 sites worldwide.

Areas of expertise:

  • MBR systems for sewage and wastewater treatment
  • ultra filtration systems for water purification and waste water treatment.

MBR technology & applications

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • ENVIS ®
  • SBM ®
  • ECP
  • GLOBE ®
  • HP-MBR

Market applications:

  • Industrial small-scale, Industrial large-scale, Municipal small-scale, Municipal large-scale
  • Commercial facilities, Residential developments, Bespoke solutions
  • Packaged (Off-the-shelf) systems, Food, beverage and dairy


  • Treatment for sewage and wastewater all-in-one type which is easy to clean, easy to install and easy to disassemble.


  • SBM is an acronym of Submerged Block Membrane. It is a new concept of membrane system in block type by Pure Envitech. It comprises basic parts called blocks (made up of elements), which together form the cassette; a number of cassettes (made up of blocks) arranged together form a train. There are three main advantages of SBM: high packing density, small footprint, and easy and simple operation.


  • Various treatment processes have been packaged in the various size of containers that provide convenient mobility and installation with high treatment performance. Quick installation and transport make it possible to apply to various cases such as disaster areas and developing countries.

Company summary

Head office in Siheung-si, Korea
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide
Offers Other (O) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
More than 1,200 sites commissioned plants

Supplementary services offered by Pure Envitech:

  • Project management, Process design
  • Pilot testing, Build and install, Start-up services and commissioning
  • On-going support and monitoring services
  • Build Own Operate services
  • Operator training

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