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Based in Lommel, Belgium
Offers Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • IPC® 80 module
  • IPC® 25 module
  • MMF 70

About Blue Foot Membranes NV

Blue Foot Membranes NV (BFM) produces and commercializes the world patented IPC® membranes. IPC® membranes are the world’s first 2 bar fully back pulsable PVDF flat sheet membranes.

Thanks to the back pulse, IPC® membranes can be installed in new and existing MBRs:

  • Improved fouling control
  • Double the output capacity per m2
  • Reduced operational cost by 50%
  • Significantly lower capex
  • Allow for peak water management.

MBR technology & applications

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • IPC® 80 module
  • IPC® 25 module
  • MMF 70

Market applications:

  • Industrial wastewater
  • Municipality wastewater
  • Cruise

The IPC® membrane is a thin membrane envelope that consists of an integrated permeate channel (drainage channel for clean water), that is formed by the integration of an open 3D fabric structure.

A membrane layer is applied directly to the structure during the membrane formation process and as such mechanically anchored. This warrants the ability to back pulse the membranes. This membrane layer ensures the actual filtration of water or wastewater.

The IPC® module concept complements the membrane open integrated permeate channel design by a large permeation and backwash header at two places. This causes an effective backwash over the complete length of the IPC® membrane.

IPC® modules can be mounted in a single, double or triple deck configuration.

Company summary

Head office in Lommel, Belgium
Operates in Worldwide, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania
Offers Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
> 10 commissioned plants | Total installed capacity of 10 MLD

Supplementary services offered by Blue Foot Membranes:

  • Start up & commissioning assistance
  • Supporting engineering services
  • Operator training

Last updated: 22 January 2021


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