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Anaerobic MBRs - the gift that keeps on giving


Anaerobic MBRs - the gift that keeps on giving

Our list is presented without preference. It was compiled by Simon Judd in December 2023, and may be updated in future as new papers are published.

In Spring 2020, our first 'Ten research abstracts' selection featured exclusively review articles on the subject of anaerobic MBRs, all published in the previous three years. The number of technical research papers on AnMBRs published over the same period ran to hundreds.

Almost four years on and this research area seems to be more popular than ever: another 34 academic reviews on AnMBRs have been published since the start of 2020. And there have been further reviews featuring AnMBRs as a process technology option in articles based on, amongst other subjects, quorum sensing and quenching, algal technology and nutrient recovery.

Of the 34 reviews ostensibly dedicated to AnMBRs:

  • 22 include membrane fouling or fouling control as either the primary subject or one of the topics discussed with reference to the main subject;
  • 17 include a consideration of biogas production and recovery, with at least 5−6 explicitly focusing on this subject (Abuabdou et al., 2020; Baral et al., 2020; Elmoutez et al., 2023; Hu et al., 2020 and 2022; Tomczak et al., 2023);
  • Four concern water reuse (Aslam et al., 2022; Hu et al., 2022; Huang et al., 2023; Wu and Kim, 2020), and another six encompass recovery of resources generally (AlSayed et al., 2020; Mahmood et al., 2022; Robles et al., 2021; Tomczak et al., 2022, 2023; Zhang et al., 2021);
  • A number are dedicated to specific biorefractory industrial effluents (An et al., 2023), such as dyewaste (Mojiri et al, 2023), pharmaceuticals (Oberoi et al., 2022), livestock effluent (Zhang et al., 2021a), and landfill leachate (Abuabdou et al., 2020; Issa et al., 2022);
  • A couple concern the fate of micropollutants (Ji et al., 2020; Zhang et al., 2021b).

It’s worth reiterating that anaerobic MBRs have been implemented at full scale for industrial effluents for more than three decades. However, they remain a niche technology despite the commercialisation of both immersed and sidestream configurations – and despite the obvious plethora of research.

The 34 review articles are listed below in alphabetical order.

And, who knows? Maybe we’ll be back here in another four years’ time – older, and perhaps just a little wiser.

Review articles published since 2020

Abuabdou, S. M. A., Ahmad, W., Aun, N. C., and Bashir, M. J. K. (2020). A review of anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBR) for the treatment of highly contaminated landfill leachate and biogas production: Effectiveness, limitations and future perspectives. Journal of Cleaner Production, 255, 120215.

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Anjum, F., Khan, I. M., Kim, J., Aslam, M., Blandin, G., Heran, M., and Lesage, G. (2021). Trends and progress in AnMBR for domestic wastewater treatment and their impacts on process efficiency and membrane fouling. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 21, 101204.

Aslam, A., Khan, S. J., and Shahzad, H. M. A. (2022). Anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) for municipal wastewater treatment- potential benefits, constraints, and future perspectives: An updated review. Science of the Total Environment, 802, 149612.

Baral, S. S., Dionisi, D., Maarisetty, D., Gandhi, A., Kothari, A., Gupta, G., and Jain, P. (2020). Biofuel production potential from wastewater in India by integrating anaerobic membrane reactor with algal photobioreactor. Biomass and Bioenergy, 133, 105445.

Nicodemos Ramos, M. D., Santos Rangel, A., Siqueira Azevedo, K., Batista Melo, M. G., Oliveira, M. C., Watanabe, C. M. U., Ferreira Pereira, F., Mudadu Silva, C., and Aguiar, A. (2022.). Characteristics and treatment of Brazilian pulp and paper mill effluents: a review. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 194, 651.

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Mahmood, Z., Cheng, H., and Tian, M. (2022). A critical review on advanced anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) for wastewater treatment: advanced membrane materials and energy demand. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 8(10), 2126–2144.

Mojiri, A., Zhou, J. L., KarimiDermani, B., Razmi, E., and Kasmuri, N. (2023). Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) for the Removal of Dyes from Water and Wastewater: Progress, Challenges, and Future Perspectives. Processes, 11(3), 855.

Nabi, M., Liang, H., Zhou, Q., Cao, J., and Gao, D. (2023). In-situ membrane fouling control and performance improvement by adding materials in anaerobic membrane bioreactor: A review. Science of the Total Environment, 865, 161262.

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Simon Judd
Simon Judd

Simon Judd has over 35 years’ post-doctorate experience in all aspects of water and wastewater treatment technology, both in academic and industrial R&D. He has (co-)authored six book titles and over 200 peer-reviewed publications in water and wastewater treatment.

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