Good chemistry: bespoke flat sheet MBR panel cleaning

There is little doubt that, of the challenges faced in MBR operation, recovery of permeability is arguably the most critical. When the routine maintenance membrane clean fails to achieve the required recovery and more aggressive recovery cleans are also found wanting, then ex-situ cleaning becomes necessary. This invariably incurs extensive manual intervention, not always with guaranteed success.

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Membrane operation

The Top 20 Largest MBRs in the World?

In October 2009, we received a list of what was thought to be the 20 largest MBRs in the world at that time. The peak daily flow capacities on that list ranged from 30 to 100 MLD, with the total capacity being just over 1,000 MLD. 16 of the top 20 installations were fitted with GE’s Zeeweed technology, though the largest – Origin Water’s Wenyu river plant in Beijing – was based on Asahi Kasei membranes.

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