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Technical features

Feat Improving Mbr Flux Fig 4
07 March 2016

Improving MBR flux: Ultrafiltration with a twist

In autumn 2015, Pentair brought to market its new ‘Helix’ product, an enhancement to X-Flow tubular membrane technology which features a helically-winding ridge on the inside of the membrane designed to tackle cake build-up and enhance flux.

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Feat Foaming In Mbrs Fig 6
15 January 2016

Foaming in MBRs: measurement and evaluation

Foaming of conventional activated sludge (CAS) is very common. It may happen during start-up due to the presence of surfactants, with insufficient biomass to degrade them during the early stages. However, this is normally a short-term issue.

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Feat Mbr Screening Part 2 Fig 1
12 October 2015

MBR Screening Part 2: Selecting an MBR screen

When selecting a screen for your MBR design (Part 2), things to consider include: the screenings capture ratio (SCR), screen apertures, screening flow velocity, ancillary processes and coarse suspended solids, and screen maintenance.

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