Commissioning of large WWTP with flat sheet MBR technology: The Arenales del Sol case

The Arenales del Sol WWTP in Spain combines biological treatment with nutrient removal with a submerged MBR system fitted with flat sheet (FS) ultrafiltration membranes, with an average treatment capacity of 10,000 m3/d (10 MLD). The plant provides high quality treatment to highly variable seasonal sewage inflow due to the nature of this popular coastal region.

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Feasibility, optimisation and costs | Pre-treatment and post-treatment

The 2012 MBR Survey – the results

About two years ago, we asked for the views of a range of MBR stakeholders regarding the perceived technical challenges facing MBRs: What is the main technical problem that prevents MBRs working as they should? We received 48 responses, mainly from practitioners working in the municipal sector. About a month ago, in our 2012 MBR survey, we asked the same question.

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Good chemistry: bespoke flat sheet MBR panel cleaning

There is little doubt that, of the challenges faced in MBR operation, recovery of permeability is arguably the most critical. When the routine maintenance membrane clean fails to achieve the required recovery and more aggressive recovery cleans are also found wanting, then ex-situ cleaning becomes necessary. This invariably incurs extensive manual intervention, not always with guaranteed success.

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Membrane operation