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Busan Suyeong sewage treatment plantview supplier

Logo veolia
Location: Busan, South Korea
Supplied by: Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions and GS Engineering



MBR technology/system:


Hollow Fibre (HF) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
Membrane material: Polymeric
Capacity range (MLD): > 100

About Busan Suyeong sewage treatment plant

Commissioned/installed date: 2012

One of Korea’s largest MBRs incorporates a completely underground 100 MLD ZeeWeed MBR design, making room for a residential park.

As the second largest city in Korea, Busan is home to more than 3.5 million people. When the city decided to replace the aging Suyeong conventional sewage treatment plant (STP), it faced a number of challenges, including strict discharge effluent quality requirements and limited land area for construction.

Residents also called for a more environmentally friendly and sanitary facility, especially since the old Suyeong STP was now surrounded by a sprawling urban landscape. An increasingly common trend in Korea, the city decided to build the new STP completely underground with a residential park at ground level. It became part of the city’s 20-year three-phase infrastructure development plan to build/expand the Suyeong STP.

The most difficult design factor for phase I of the new STP was facilitating a 100,000 m3/day capacity STP in the limited underground area.

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions developed a three-process sewage treatment plant that includes pretreatment, bio-treatment, and membrane filtration.

The compact ZeeWeed membrane bioreactor (MBR) system was chosen after a comprehensive analysis of performance, applicability, reliability, environmental impact, simple operation and maintenance, and constructability.

The system utilizes Veolia’s ZeeWeed MBR technology, which eliminates the need for large, costly concrete settling tanks that conventional wastewater processes rely on to separate contaminants from treated effluent. The ZeeWeed system occupies a fraction of the space to consistently produce tertiary-quality effluent that can be safely discharged to sensitive receiving bodies or reused for various non-potable applications.

The ZeeWeed MBR solution created for this project includes 120 membrane cassettes immersed in 12 membrane trains. The system eliminates the need for the secondary clarifier and tertiary filtration, has a smaller footprint than conventional alternatives, and boasts reduced construction costs.

The MBR process meets the effluent quality limit of 7 mg/L biological oxygen demand (BOD), 40 mg/L chemical oxygen demand (COD), 20 mg/L total suspended solid (SS), 20 mg/L total nitrogen (TN), and 2 mg/L total phosphorus (TP).

Meeting these strict limits was extremely important for the city; the effluent from the STP is discharged into the Suyeong River, which flows directly to the ocean near some of Korea’s most popular beach resorts.

ZeeWeed MBR technology will provide long-term performance reliability and continued environmental benefits at Busan, which looks to implement phase II and phase III of their long-term infrastructure development plan.

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