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Research abstracts

Selections of recent research abstracts and research papers on specialist topics relating to membrane bioreactors. If you've found an interesting paper, or there's a topic you think we should add, let us know on

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Shutterstock 469050317
30 March 2021

MABRs − ten research papers

Ten abstracts on membrane aerated-biofilm reactors (MABRs), including removal of recalcitrant pollutants and studies of nitritation, sulphide removal from AD-treated wastewaters, enhancement with bio-carriers, and a composite membrane-based process.

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Shutterstock 267646478
30 March 2021

MBR cleaning articles − ten research papers

A selection of ten recent research abstracts relating to MBR membrane cleaning, including a review of mechanical cleaning by scouring agents, a study of ceramic membrane cleaning, and the use of an alternative oxidant.

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Shutterstock 41201392
29 March 2021

Osmotic MBR articles − ten research papers

A selection of abstracts from ten research papers relating to osmotic membrane bioreactor (OMBR) technology since 2017, including an/aerobic OMBRs, salinity impacts, and a comparison with nanofiltration (i.e. an NFMBR).

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Shutterstock 74153143
26 March 2021

Anaerobic MBR reviews − ten research papers

A selection of abstracts from ten papers relating to anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs). The papers are all review articles, covering topics like landfill leachate, non-potable reuse, hydrogen production, biorefinery biowaste and process aspects.

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