MBR global capacity

The advantages offered by the MBR process have led to its increasing implementation, with ever larger installations. Whereas the largest installed municipal plant at the turn of the millennium had a capacity of 13 MLD, by 2004 there were two plants of more than 40 MLD.

The first 100 MLD plant was commissioned in 2007. By 2016, there were more than thirty 100 MLD capacity plants installed worldwide, mainly in China. By 2019, this figure had more than doubled.

The global capacity provided by MBR technology at the time of writing (2019) is probably somewhere over 20 GLD (gigalitres per day). Given that around 1000 GLD of sewage is being generated globally, and that perhaps only half of this is treated, it can be estimated that MBR technology provides around 5% of the world’s sewage treatment capacity.

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