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Dynatec MBR package plantsupplier page

Img prods dynatech containerized mbr
Supplied by: Dynatec Systems, Inc.
Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration | Polymeric membrane material

About Dynatec MBR package plant

Dynatec Systems’ MBR package plant

High Quality

When you need consistently high quality effluent in a small package, consider Dynatec Systems' MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems. You can lower your capital and operating costs with a single, compact system requiring minimal operator attention.

Easy Installation
The system comes in a prefabricated package ready to operate. After connecting electrical service, influent and effluent piping, the system is operating. No special site requirements or concrete tanks are needed for indoor or outdoor installation.

Lower Costs

Dynatec Systems' attention to detail produces an integrated system designed to lower the capital and operation costs of an MBR system:

  • Generates much less sludge due to higher MLSS operation and SRT
  • Exhibits the longest membrane life and has the lowest replacement costs
  • Tankage integrated in the system
  • Requires less space than conventional treatment systems or other MBR technologies
  • No special site requirements
  • Able to operate during peak conditions
  • Consumes less chemicals than conventional treatments
  • Eliminates diffusers when jet aeration system is specified
  • Eliminates the safety concerns surrounding the maintenance of immersed membrane systems
Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration
Polymeric membrane material

MBR Case studies and specifications

Company summary

Head office in Burlington, NJ, USA
Operates in Worldwide
700+ commissioned plants

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