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Aquabio Ltdsupplier website

Logo Aquabio
Based in Worcester, UK | Operates worldwide
Offers Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • AMBR LE™

About Aquabio Ltd

Aquabio has substantial experience in the implementation of industrial effluent treatment and water reuse, utilising both anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment processes with ultrafiltration membrane separation and reverse osmosis to achieve cost effective treatment plants.

Aquabio specialises in industrial wastewater treatment, notably in membrane bioreactor technology and water recycling and reuse. The company, based in Worcester, has been established since 1997 and has substantial experience in the implementation of water recycling within the food and beverage sector and successfully established customers who utilise its membrane bioreactor technology for the purpose of water recycling and reuse.

Aquabio’s MBR technologies utilise both anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment processes that combine jet and slot aeration with membrane bioreactor technology to achieve robust, compact and cost effective treatment plants. The company works closely with industrial clients to provide low footprint and operational cost wastewater treatment.

Aquabio is part of the Freudenberg Group whose four business areas Air and Liquid Filtration and Nonwovens, Seals and Vibration Technology, Household Products and Specialties have over 37,000 employees and associates in 58 countries worldwide. In addition to the aftersales process support available from Aquabio, we also have access to the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies UK aftersales and maintenance assistance network if required to support the plant in future.

Areas of expertise:

  • Low Energy Aerobic and Anaerobic systems
  • Crossflow configuration
  • Specialists in Wastewater Reuse

MBR technology & applications

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • AMBR LE™

Market applications:

  • Industrial small-scale, Industrial large-scale, Commercial facilities
  • Food, beverage and dairy, Heavy industry (oil&gas, automotive)
  • Landfill leachate, Fine chemical and pharmaceutical, Animal waste

AMBR LE™ This low energy design utilises intermittent backflushing for the control of membrane fouling which allows a reduction in cross-flow velocity and a significant saving in energy. This process is aimed at medium to high flow and low to high strength industrial wastewaters and for tertiary polishing prior to RO reuse.

With the use of variable speed recirculation pumps the system allows for variable flux rates which can be used to optimise energy use relative to the plant load. Plants also operate on a direct link to level in the bioreactor, automatically adjusting membrane permeate production (and energy use). AMBR LE™ plants are particularly suited to applications with variable wastewater flows, high peak or seasonal loads, or when electricity costs are moderate to high.

All Aquabio MBR plants have the membrane system mounted outside of the bioreactor in dry conditions which means hygienic operation, ease of maintenance and no moving parts immersed in the biomass. AMBR LE™ offers low energy costs and superb flexibility of process operation.

We have developed the AMBR LE™ concept for the following specific reasons:

  • The AMBR LE™ process can be operated at high solids concentrations and hence a new low footprint treatment tank can be installed.
  • The AMBR LE™ membrane system is designed to fully optimize energy consumption at the average flow conditions but can automatically ‘ramp up’ to deal with peak flow conditions without any additional installed membrane area being required. Installed membrane area (and cost) is therefore optimised.
  • The AMBR LE™ system is a pressurized biomass recirculation system from/to the feed tank/bioreactor and can therefore take full advantage use of the ‘deep’ bioreactor tank which provides additional trans-membrane pressure and reduce energy consumption.
  • High flux performance combined with optimised installed membrane area and long membrane life means that whole life costs for membrane replacement are lower than competitor systems. The membranes are also modular and our clients are not ‘locked’ into a single membrane supplier.
  • In addition, the AMBR LE™ offers flexible flux rates with high levels of ‘turn up’ and ‘turn down’ and optimised energy consumption. If a membrane bank is out of service for maintenance/cleaning then the other banks can temporarily ramp up to maintain hydraulic performance (ensures flow throughput can be consistently met and thus minimises disruption upstream at the plant/factory).
  • No ‘backflushing’ volume is lost from the system and is returned to the upstream treatment process.

Company summary

Head office in Worcester, UK
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide
Offers Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration | Sidestream technology configuration

Supplementary services offered by Aquabio:

  • Project management, Process design, Pilot testing
  • Build and install, Start-up services and commissioning
  • On-going support and monitoring services
  • Build Own Operate services, Retrofitting
  • Operator training, Trouble-shooting, Partnering

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