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Monogram Food Solutions view ADI Systems

Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Supplied by: ADI Systems, an Evoqua brand


Food, beverage and dairy

MBR technology/system:

ADI® MBR aerobic membrane bioreactor system

Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
Membrane material: Polymeric
Capacity range (MLD): < 1.0
Owned by: Monogram Food Solutions

About Monogram Food Solutions

Monogram Food Solutions LLC, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, is a producer and distributor of packaged meat products, snacks, and appetizers.

Monogram’s FDA-approved pet food manufacturing plant in Schulenburg, Texas, USA, makes meat-based pet treats that contain no artificial ingredients or filler. The pet treats are such high-quality that they are fit for human consumption. Monogram wanted a wastewater treatment system of the same superior calibre.

At the time, the plant was skimming oil before discharging its wastewater to a municipal treatment system − but that came at a price. Moreover, new production lines at the plant resulted in a significant increase in wastewater flow and load, which would exceed treatment capacity at the municipal plant.

ADI Systems was selected to design, construct, and commission an on-site wastewater treatment solution for Monogram’s pet treat plant. The technology of choice was an ADI® membrane bioreactor (MBR), an aerobic technology that uses a submerged physical membrane barrier to provide the liquid/biosolids separation.

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Company summary

Head office in Canada, United States
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide

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