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Simon Judd

Professor Simon Judd has over 20 years’ experience in teaching the fundamentals of water and wastewater technologies and is author of The MBR Book, Watermaths, and Industrial MBRs. Contact Simon at

MBR operators converge on Texas

I was privileged to be invited to the 10th Annual Ovivo MBR Operator’s Workshop in Austin TX last week (May 2015). Last year, I was only able to present via Webex from Doha and it meant I didn't get to see the other presentations. This year, I realised what I'd missed.

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MBR global capacity

Of all the questions that crop up about MBR technology, perhaps the most frequent is, 'What is the global capacity of MBR treatment technology?' Of course, as with most questions of this nature, the honest answer is, 'I don’t know'.

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MBR cost determination

It's often the case that if you ask the price of anything at all relating to engineering, you'll get the answer 'It depends'. Trying to establish the cost of an MBR installation is no different: there are many different components of cost, and many ways of determining them.

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