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Membranes special issue: call for submissions

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Simon Judd
Simon Judd

Simon Judd has over 35 years’ post-doctorate experience in all aspects of water and wastewater treatment technology, both in academic and industrial R&D. He has (co-)authored six book titles and over 200 peer-reviewed publications in water and wastewater treatment.

The journal Membranes, which covers all research into membrane separation science and technology (yep, the clue is in the title), is producing a Special Issue 'in honour of Professor Simon Judd'. Not quite sure what I've done that is considered so honourable, but it's a pleasant surprise. Thanks are due both to the Membranes editors and especially to Prof. Gaetano Di Bella and Dr. Riccardo Campo for agreeing to act as Managing Editors on this issue.

So I guess they need something to go in it, and that's where you come in.

Submissions to this Special Issue would be most welcome. Getting down to the nitty gritty, this is what you need to know:

  • Membranes has an Impact Factor of 4.2 and a Cite Score of 4.4
  • MDPI, the publisher, operates on a 'pay-to-publish/free-to-access' basis. The publication charge is 2,700 CHF (about 3,100 USD or 2,800 EUR) payable on publication. The authors then retain ownership of the copyright.
  • The turnaround between submission and final acceptance, assuming there aren't too many corrections following peer review, is usually around 14 days. Publication online following acceptance takes another 2−4 days.
  • MS Word and LaTeX templates are provided by MDPI: using these saves a lot of time and grief.
  • Numerical referencing is used, so it also pays to use Mendeley for inserting/citing references.
  • The deadline for submission is December 2023: the Special Issue is not a single edition but a title under which the submitted papers are badged.

As for the topics or subject areas, there are no restrictions, though it should presumably in some way relate to membranes. If you're looking for inspiration at all, here's a list of some of our favourite MBR papers from the past 10 years.

Submission is via the MDPI online portal, and authors instructions can be found here. Download the MS Word or LaTeX template and use these to draft the paper, then submit when done.

I look forward to seeing what features come forward and to supporting this issue.

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