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Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.supplier website

Logo Sumitomo
Based in Osaka, Japan
Offers Hollow Fibre (HF) MBR membrane configuration

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • Poreflon™

About Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is one of the major companies associated with the giant Japanese Sumitomo group. Sumitomo was founded during the 17th century as a copper refinery and grew to become one of the country's largest industrial corporations. Its involvement in copper refining brought it to mining and milling, and later to the production of wires and cable.

Sumitomo Electric ultimately took over production of wires and cable as an independent corporation, and today is one of the world's leading manufacturers in this sector.

Sumitomo Electric has five segments related to automotive, electronics, infocommunications, industrial materials, and environment & energy. Net sales are 27.3 billion USD; the consolidated employees are 255,133 as of March 2018.

MBR technology & applications

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • Poreflon™

Market applications:

  • Oil and Gas oily wastewater MBR (mineral oil)
  • Thermophilic MBR
  • Landfill leachate MBR

Made from PTFE characterized by superb chemical-, heat-resistance, and durability, Poreflon™ module is derived from a porous separation membrane that was developed using proprietary processing technologies. Specifically, Poreflon™ module can be used for various water treatment applications due to its high strength, washability (using various chemicals), easy handling (hydrophilic treatment), high water permeability, etc.

Poreflon™ features:

  • 100% PTFE hollow fiber membrane
  • Oil resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Widest chemical resistance.

Market applications:

  • Oil and Gas oily wastewater MBR (mineral oil)
  • Thermophilic MBR
  • Landfill leachate MBR
  • Normal industrial wastewater MBR
  • Municipal wastewater MBR.

Company summary

Head office in Osaka, Japan
Operates in Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania
Offers Hollow Fibre (HF) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
750+ commissioned plants

Supplementary services offered by Sumitomo:

  • Membrane unit supply
  • Packaged membrane water treatment system
  • Design, build, project management

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