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SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH Pfeifer Kundl WWTP
Location: Kundl, Austria
Supplied by: SFC Umwelttechnik GmbH and Scheuch GmbH


Bespoke solutions

MBR technology/system:

C-MEM (HDPE membrane material)

Hollow Fibre (HF) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
Membrane material: Polymeric
Capacity range (MLD): < 1.0
Owned by: Pfeifer Holz GmbH & Co KG

About Pfeifer Kundl WWTP

Condensate treatment with C-MEM now also in Pfeifer Holz Co.´s biomass power plant in Kundl, Austria.

The condensate from flue gas purification in the company-owned biomass plant of the wood processing company Pfeifer Holz GmbH & Co KG is treated with SFCU´s C-MEM MMBBR (Membrane Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor), whereby ca. 270 m³ condensate are cleaned per day.

As in Klagenfurt biomass heating plant project, SFCU has cooperated with Scheuch GmbH of Aurolzmünster, Austria in this project as well.

Qmax: 270 m³/d

Modules: 2

Start-up: 2017

Condensate treatment in biomass heating plant

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Company summary

Head office in Salzburg, Austria
Operates in Worldwide
> 100 | Total installed capacity of > 10,000 m³/day

Last updated: 30 October 2018


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