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The 2015 MBR Survey results

In February 2015, we asked you to contribute to our MBR survey, with a view to sharing knowledge and experiences about the common technical issues that prevent MBRs working as they should, as well as…


The 2016 MBR Survey results

In 2015, we asked 'What’s the main issue with MBRs?' This time our question addresses the topic of sludge − most of your responses from the previous three surveys had been based around this topic so…


The 2012 MBR Survey – the results

About two years ago, we asked for the views of a range of MBR stakeholders regarding the perceived technical challenges facing MBRs: What is the main technical problem that prevents MBRs working as…


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The MBR Site – what measure success?

Many marketing managers measure success by the number of clicks their advert receives, directing traffic to the advertiser’s website. This is important, obviously, but it’s also a fairly simplistic…



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