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The 2016 MBR Survey results

In 2015, we asked 'What’s the main issue with MBRs?' This time our question addresses the topic of sludge − most of your responses from the previous three surveys had been based around this topic so…


The 2015 MBR Survey results

In February 2015, we asked you to contribute to our MBR survey, with a view to sharing knowledge and experiences about the common technical issues that prevent MBRs working as they should, as well as…


The 2012 MBR Survey – the results

About two years ago, we asked for the views of a range of MBR stakeholders regarding the perceived technical challenges facing MBRs: What is the main technical problem that prevents MBRs working as…


Mechanical shear in membrane bioreactors

In membrane separation systems, it is probably shear which is the most significant parameter for driving the membrane process. Pressure is obviously important for forcing the water through the…


Survey of Japanese municipal MBRs

In Japan, there are over 3,000 MBRs which have been in operation since the 1980s for small-scale on-site industrial/household wastewater treatment. However, municipal wastewater applications began…


MBRs − a global picture

Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) are growing both in size and number, reflecting a growing confidence in the technology. The number of MBR membrane module products is currently increasing by 3−5 a year,…


The Top 20 Largest MBRs in the World?

In October 2009, we received a list of what was thought to be the 20 largest MBRs in the world at that time. The peak daily flow capacities on that list ranged from 30 to 100 MLD, with the total…


MBRs: the Chinese experience

​A feature of the MBR market over the past decade is the surge in the number of very large (≥100 MLD, or megalitres/day) installations, particularly in China. Of the 55 known global installations of…



The MBR Site – what measure success?

Many marketing managers measure success by the number of clicks their advert receives, directing traffic to the advertiser’s website. This is important, obviously, but it’s also a fairly simplistic…


MBR CAPEX costs – large versus small

A very recent analysis courtesy of Ecologix in Taiwan deconstructed the MBR technology of a small-scale plant into its constituent parts. When the components of MBR technology were considered, it is…


MBR global capacity

Of all the questions that crop up about MBR technology, perhaps the most frequent is, 'What is the global capacity of MBR treatment technology?' Of course, as with most questions of this nature, the…


MBR capacity – China and RoW

The total number of MBR installations and their combined capacity is probably the thing we get asked about more than anything else – particularly, for some reason, relating to the US and specifically…


MBRs − a random history

Who were the pioneers of immersed hollow fibre MBRs? Andrew Benedek of Zenon took a novel idea and made it into a fully-fledged and widely employed commercial product, and not overlooking Professor…


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