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CUT Membrane Technology GmbHsupplier website

Logo Burkert
Based in Erkrath, Germany | Operates worldwide
Offers Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • T-CUT UF Module
  • T-CUT Core UF Module
  • T-CUT PP MF Module

About CUT Membrane Technology GmbH

CUT Membrane Technology, a member of the Bürkert Group, offers state-of-the-art membrane technologies. CUT products have been developed and commercialized in order to manage your wastewater.

Being an application specialist for wastewater treatment using cross-flow filtration means that we are able to offer you a huge amount of expertise in the use and production of membrane modules.

Our comprehensive ultra and microfiltration module portfolio is optimally complemented by the possibility of carrying out joint experimental laboratory or pilot scale testing of your specific processes.

Targeted, competent and customer-oriented.

MBR technology & applications

Proprietary MBR products and systems:

  • T-CUT UF Module
  • T-CUT Core UF Module
  • T-CUT PP MF Module

Market applications:

  • Landfill leachate
  • Wastewater, MBRs
  • Pickling acid

The treatment of landfill leachate is one of the most challenging filtration tasks in membrane technology. In principle, landfill leachate consists of rainwater that drains through landfill sites, whereby a large variety of chemical compounds are dissolved in the water and all types of particles are washed out into the water as well.

The objective of the process technology is to collect the permeate (filtered water) that is produced during leachate water treatment so that it can be fed into a clarification plant without further treatment or even be recovered for internal reuse.

The combination of biological pre-treatment of leachate in a so-called bio-reactor and the subsequent ultrafiltration (UF) has proven itself using our T-CUT UF module portfolio as the heart of the processing chain.

You are welcome to learn more about our technological product advantages, worldwide applications and services for the wastewater industry.

Company summary

Head office in Erkrath, Germany
Operates in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East | Operates worldwide
Offers Multitube/Multichannel (MT/MC) MBR membrane configuration | Sidestream technology configuration

Supplementary services offered by CUT Membrane Technology:

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