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Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Supplied by: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions



MBR technology/system:


Hollow Fibre (HF) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
Membrane material: Polymeric
Capacity range (MLD): 1.1 - 10.0
Owned by: Aqua Engineers Inc.

About Schofield Barracks wastewater treatment plant

Schofield Barracks Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBWWTP) is a former military wastewater treatment plant constructed in the 1970s that was converted to MBR technology 10 years ago. SBWWTP is owned and operated by Aqua Engineers Inc. and located at Schofield Army Barracks in Honolulu,Hawaii.

Energy costs in Hawaii are among the highest in the United States with the Hawaiian average about 170% higher than the US national average. The negative economic impact of high energy cost was taking a toll on the Schofield plant and they were looking for a more energy efficient alternative for their membrane bioreactors (MBR).

Because Schofield’s primary objective was to reduce energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs, SUEZ proposed a LEAPmbr upgrade that would accomplish this with minimal change to their plant configuration. Existing 340 ft2 membranes were replaced by 370 ft2 membranes as part of the regular membrane replacement process. The goal of the upgrade was to reduce energy consumption. The proposed configuration provided the following benefits:

  • Increased membrane reliability due to design simplification (reduced aeration equipment and controls)
  • Significant reduction in blower energy use and blower run time
  • Reduced requirements for compressed air
  • Eliminated requirements for high frequency cyclic valves reducing O&M cost.

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