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Fig 1.  Project stakeholders and their interactions
28 May 2021

Systems integration: Putting it all together

The design of a centralised unit to control the complete multi-step process in a WWTP is the job of the systems integrator. The SI is responsible for linking the individual control systems, as well as the commissioning and start-up of the installed plant.

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Feature clogging mitigation fig 5
15 February 2021

Clogging mitigation through MBR membrane module design

Some clogging occurs in most MBR systems regardless of membrane module type or geometry. Prevention or control measures are typically considered at the system design level and during operation but even with adequate pre-treatment, clogging can still occur.

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Feature ragging propensity fig 8
08 December 2020

Ragging in MBRs − how do rags form?

Ragging is a type of clogging, where clogging relates to agglomeration of solids in the membrane tank. In the case of ragging, filament solids from textile materials join together to form long braids which are mechanically stable in the mixed liquor.

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