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What is an MABR? Source: Fluence Corporation / YouTube

MABRs − membrane-aerated biofilm reactors

For an MABR, a membrane aeration biofilm reactor, the membrane is not used to filter the water. Instead, it is used to aerate the solution, replacing the conventional fine bubble diffuser.

The oxygen in the air, or from a pure oxygen source, is introduced in the molecular, or 'bubbleless' form, leading to highly efficient transfer of oxygen into the solution.

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Non-sewered sanitation with the NEWgenerator - a solar powered anaerobic MBR

An off-grid wastewater treatment system for use in informal settlements was tested over an 18-month period. The NEWGenerator is based on an anaerobic sidestream MBR with downstream processes, all powered by photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof.

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