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Logo Envicare Engineering
Based in Graz, Austria
Operates in Europe | Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia

Specialist areas:

  • Consulting - MBR projects
  • Liquid waste treatment
  • Landfill leachate

About EnviCare® Engineering GmbH

EnviCare provides innovative solutions, e.g. membrane bioreactor technology, but also advises private companies or public authorities during design, build, start-up and operation of production sites, landfills, waste management facilities and waste water treatment plants.

Markets served:

Industrial small-scale, Municipal small-scale, Heavy industry (oil&gas, automotive), Commercial facilities, Food, beverage and dairy, Landfill leachate, Fine chemical and pharmaceutical, Animal waste, other

Specialist MBR applications:

  • Surface water treatment for waste collecting and processing sites
  • Liquid waste processing companies.

MBR experience

MBR projects:

  • 1994: Landfill leachate 100 m³/d, COD 25 kg/m³, NH4-N 4 kg/m³, external cross-flow MBR, injector aeration
  • 2002: communal waste water 1.500 PE, submerged MBR
  • 2008: effluent of biodiesel plant, 30 m³/d, COD 120 kg/m³, external cross-flow MBR, ejector aeration 2016: liquid waste treatment, 100 m³/d, COD 10 kg/m³, submerged MBR

Number of commissioned plants: 8

Last updated: 22 October 2018


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