Denderleeuw industrial WWTP - Phase 1 view Blue Foot Membranes

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Location: Denderleeuw, Belgium
Supplied by: Blue Foot Membranes NV and Pantarein Water and Pantarein Water


Animal waste

MBR technology/system:

IPC® Double Deck Modules - back washable flat sheet

Flat Sheet (FS) MBR membrane configuration | Immersed technology configuration
Membrane material: Polymeric
Capacity range (MLD): < 1.0
Owned by: Pantarein Water

About Denderleeuw industrial WWTP - Phase 1

  • Wastewater originating from animal waste and carcasses, high in FOGs and Nitrogen
  • Start up Phase 1: March 2019
  • Amount of IPC® membrane modules: 8 Double Deck Modules

Project Background

For this project the hydraulic load of the existing wastewater treatment plant needed to be increased. This was achieved by a hybrid system combining a settling tank and Membrane Bioreactor using IPC® double deck membrane modules.

The modular approach of the IPC® modules led to a plant design with 8 towers of 2 modules (double deck modules). In the future this will be expanded by adding an additional module layer on top to increase the capacity with an additional 40% (Phase 2 case study).

The customer has been using MBR technology over the last 20 years in some of their facilities in the Benelux to reduce their water footprint and operational cost and, at the same time, to comply with the local discharge limits. As such, they gained experience with flat panel and hollow fiber membrane modules. Today, they have selected a system that uses the innovative IPC® membrane modules to achieve the objectives of high capacity per footprint and low aeration cost.

Company summary

Head office in Lommel, Belgium
Operates in Worldwide, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania
> 10 commissioned plants | Total installed capacity of 10 MLD

Last updated: 22 January 2021


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