AQQA® - AQQA®80, AQQA®160, AQQA®240

Product overview

  • Supplier
    Weise Water GmbH
  • Membrane Configuration
    Flat sheet
  • Pore Size (µm)
  • Membrane material
  • Suitable applications
    Small-scale municipal, Small-scale industrial

About AQQA® AQQA®80, AQQA®160, AQQA®240

AQQA® is a new submerged ultrafiltration system that can be backflushed like a hollow fiber. Based on the proven plate technology it adds unique features that improve the performance, make the application easier and lower the demand of energy and maintenance.

Suitable applications

  • Small-scale municipal
  • Small-scale industrial

Product specification

  • Module membrane area
    80, 160, 240 m2
  • Module length
    1200 mm
  • Module width
    1000 mm
  • Module height
    1300, 1900, 2500 mm
  • Number of modules per stack/skid
    Single deck
  • Space occupancy - volume
    1.56 m³, 2.28 m³, 3 m³
  • Space occupancy - footprint
    1.2 m²
  • Throughput of module
    2, 4, 6 m³/h
  • No. of modules per stack or skid: (single deck/double deck/triple deck): 1, 2, 3

Image gallery

Reference installations

ASFINAG, motorway service station
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About the supplier

  • Supplier name: Weise Water GmbH
  • Supplier Head Office: Hennigsdorf (Berlin)
  • Supplier active in: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe
  • Germany, Europe, North-America, MENA, Africa, India

More information

Other models from this supplier

  • AQQA®25, AQQA®50, AQQA®75
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    • Module membrane area
      25, 50,75 m2
    • Module length
      800 mm
    • Module width
      550 mm
    • Module height
      1300, 1900, 2500 mm
    • Number of modules per stack/skid
      Single deck
    • Space occupancy - volume
      0.57, 0.84, 1.1 m³
    • Space occupancy - footprint
      0.44 m²
    • Throughput of module
      0.62, 1.25, 1.9 m³/h

    No. of modules per stack or skid: (single deck/double deck/triple deck): 1, 2, 3

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