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Simon Judd

Professor Simon Judd has over 20 years’ experience in teaching the fundamentals of water and wastewater technologies and is author of The MBR Book, Watermaths, and Industrial MBRs. Contact Simon at

Algal bioreactors: how green?

What can an alga do that a regular micro-organism can’t, specifically when it comes to treating wastewater? Well, for one thing algae don’t need air; pumping air is an expensive business, such that anaerobic treatment also seems to have taken off of late.

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MBR capacity – China and RoW

The total number of MBR installations and their combined capacity is probably the thing we get asked about more than anything else – particularly, for some reason, relating to the US and specifically by North Americans.

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MBRs − a random history

Who were the pioneers of immersed hollow fibre MBRs? Andrew Benedek of Zenon took a novel idea and made it into a fully-fledged and widely employed commercial product, and not overlooking Professor Kazuo Yamamoto and his team at Tokyo University.

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MBR CAPEX costs – large versus small

A very recent analysis courtesy of Ecologix in Taiwan deconstructed the MBR technology of a small-scale plant into its constituent parts. When the components of MBR technology were considered, it is the membrane which makes up the lion’s share of the capital cost.

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Innovation, irritation, indignation

There doesn't appear to be a single aspect or component of MBR technology that has not been declared innovative by someone: the membrane material, membrane module, membrane aeration, frame, overall design − you name it, somebody somewhere has innovated it.

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