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Supratec Group acquires Newterra GmbH’s business

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Supratec Group has announced the acquisition of all of the business of Newterra GmbH, the German MBR module manufacturer offering the MicroClear® brand. Supratec works globally in water and wastewater treatment in ultrafiltration membranes, MBRs and fine bubble diffusers, with advanced manufacturing facilities in both Germany and China.

The MicroClear® flat sheet ultrafiltration MBR | news_supratech acquires newterra_april 2021_fig 1a.png
The MicroClear® flat sheet ultrafiltration MBR

The company says that its years of experience on the MicroClear® flat sheet ultrafiltration membrane and MBR technologies reinforces Supratec’s commitment to quality and service to its global customers. The brand complements Supratec's existing range of hollow fiber and backwashable flat sheet cassettes, which have been used in a number of medium and large capacity MBR references.

MicroClear® will be operated under the Supratec umbrella, and the addition of MicroClear® membrane will now offer more choice and opportunity for Supratec customers worldwide.

'This transaction is an excellent opportunity for MicroClear® to align with Supratec’s strength in membrane material science development and manufacturing capability and capacity,' said Mr Csaba Vida, CEO of Supratec Membrane GmbH.

With a production capacity of up to 7 million m2/year UF membrane in Simmern/Hunsrück, Germany, Supratec Membrane GmbH has been one of the largest hollow fiber and flat sheet membrane manufacturers in the world, based on a typical German Industry 4.0 mode.

Supratec's advanced manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China and Simmern/Hunsrück, Germany | news_supratech acquires newterra_april 2021_fig 1b.png
Supratec's advanced manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China and Simmern/Hunsrück, Germany

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