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Toray Membrane USA enters into MBR technology partnership with M|MBR Systems

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Toray Membrane USA, Inc. and M|MBR Systems are pleased to announce they have entered into an exclusive supply agreement for specific MBR retrofit applications. The partnership will deliver innovative MBR solutions to the municipal and industrial markets, focusing on upgrading older membrane technologies.

This new partnership will integrate both firms' expertise to create added value for MBR users within the municipal and industrial markets.

Toray Membrane USA, Inc. is the American subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. for spiral-wound membrane manufacturing and supply of MBR and UF modules. Toray Industries, Inc. manufactures submerged flat-sheet MBR modules using a robust, flat-sheet PVDF membrane to produce high-quality filtrate.

Credit: M|MBR Systems, LLC | News 2020 Toray MMBR retrofit
Credit: M|MBR Systems, LLC

M|MBR Systems, LLC, a service provider of flat-sheet membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems based in Austin, TX, USA, specializes in the delivery, service, support, and installation of new or existing MBR systems. The company also helps optimize the performance of wastewater treatment plants through remote monitoring and operator training.

M|MBR is now offering the M|600 module specifically designed to replace existing flat-plate MBR systems. Each M|600 is equipped with Toray's membrane technology that is Title 22 approved (in 2005) and installed in over 800 plants worldwide. Depending on a project's specific conditions, membrane filtration capacity can be increased from 31% to 190% by simple membrane equipment. New, high-density modules can be 'dropped onto' existing diffusers keeping downtime to a minimum.

Compared to conventional activated sludge treatment, MBR is a cost-effective alternative with improved biological treatment, producing higher quality effluent, and a significantly smaller footprint. As MBR's demand in wastewater treatment and sludge thickening applications grows, the companies say the partnership between M|MBR and Toray Membrane USA, Inc. will 'help meet the demand with efficient and reliable MBR solutions'.

  • Complete details of product and service capabilities are available on M|MBR's website.
  • Information on Toray's MBR products is available on the Toray website.

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