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MANN+HUMMEL Membrane Solutions earns largest order in BIO-CEL® MBR history

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MANN+HUMMEL’s Membrane Solutions business, under the Life Sciences & Environment (LS&E) umbrella, has successfully signed an order in China to upgrade and expand capacity at a wastewater treatment plant in Fujian Province.

The plant will use 336 BIO-CEL® L-2 MBR modules (160,000 m² membrane area). This is the largest order in BIO-CEL MBR history for the company.

The wastewater treatment plant in Fujian Province | News 2020 M Nadir largest order Fujian
The wastewater treatment plant in Fujian Province

The project plans to double the treatment capacity of the wastewater plant from the current 40,000 m3/day to 80,000 m3/day and is expected to be operational by the end of November 2020.

Additionally, the effluent standard will be upgraded from first-class type A standard to Class IV surface water standard, which will greatly improve the wastewater filtration capacity of the central urban area. It is mainly returning to the upstream inland river to supplement the water source, form a living water cycle, and improve the ecological water environment.


BIO-CEL MBR is a laminated composite flat sheet MBR, which combines the advantages of hollow fiber membrane modules and plate-and-frame flat sheet membrane modules:

  • The membrane uses ultrafiltration technology
  • The membrane and drainage layer are made of high hydrophilic materials, which have the advantages of high permeate flux, good effluent quality, strong fouling resistant performance, high filling density, and backwashing
  • It is especially suitable for municipal wastewater filtration with requirements for high effluent quality, smaller footprint, and reduced maintenance frequency
  • Its unique self-healing function ensures stable effluent quality and reduces maintenance and cost.

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