MANN+HUMMEL invests in early stage company ZwitterCo’s membrane solutions

MANN+HUMMEL has announced it has expanded its Life Sciences & Environment pursuits with an investment in ZwitterCo, an early stage company focused on membrane solutions built to handle organic-heavy waste streams. The investment through MANN+HUMMEL Corporate Ventures boosts commercialization efforts of the technology for wastewater treatment.

'We are pleased to partner with MANN+HUMMEL as we bring our breakthrough zwitterionic membrane chemistry to the market,' said Alex Rappaport, ZwitterCo’s CEO.

ZwitterCo, Inc. provides a suite of membrane solutions for the treatment of highly-impaired wastewater. Based on new polymer chemistry invented at Tufts University, the company says ZwitterCo's fouling-resistant membrane products enable the reuse of wastewater in industries around the world.

'MANN+HUMMEL is committed to being at the forefront of innovation with wastewater treatment and new membrane technology to enable membrane usage that has not been viable in the past,' said Fua Nipah, President & General Manager of MANN+HUMMEL Life Sciences & Environment. 'Partnering with ZwitterCo gives us the opportunity to push innovations within membrane treatment and water reuse, where we see a bright future.'

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The strategic partnership between MANN+HUMMEL and ZwitterCo will be handled through MICRODYN-NADIR US, Inc., operating as part of the LS&E group within the Membrane Solutions segment. MICRODYN-NADIR is a global membrane manufacturer headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, with locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

More information on ZwitterCo can be found here

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