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Industrial wastewater treatment company Aquabio raises funds for bike charity as part of its corporate social responsibility work

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UK-based company Aquabio Ltd, who specialise in industrial water re-use and anaerobic digestion, has celebrated another year of their SHIFT scheme as part of the company's corporate responsibility initiative. All proceeds from the scheme have been donated to Bike Worcester, a volunteer group with the aim of supporting more people to choose bikes as a regular mode of transport.

Aquabio first set up the SHIFT scheme (Sustainable Health in Future Transport) in 2017. Employees log the distance cycled over the year using Strava, and the company donate 2.5p to a worthy cause for every km travelled by bicycle.

In 2019, Aquabio employees travelled a combined total of 39,001 km by bike, 21 of the 32 employees choosing to travel by pedal power, resulting in a donation to Bike Worcester of £975.03. More than 1,000 Aquabio commutes took place by bicycle over the year. Aquabio has also supplied 25 bikes to employees as part of the Cycle to Work Scheme, where employees can buy bikes at a substantial discount.

Terry McCarthy, Managing Director of Aquabio said, 'The SHIFT scheme has transformed the way we think about transport at Aquabio. Using a bike to travel to the office, to construction sites or to meetings is now seen as a normal activity, and we’re seeing our team then using bikes more in their personal lives.'

Aquabio, established in 1997, is part of the Freudenberg Group, a global company which operates in 60 countries worldwide. The company specialises in industrial wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, and water recycling and re-use within a wide range of industries including food and drink, dairy, bio fuels, pulp and paper, landfill and leachate, and pharmaceuticals.

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