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MICRODYN-NADIR unveils open design of BIO-CEL® L module

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MICRODYN-NADIR has expanded its BIO-CEL® MBR product line with the new MICRODYN BIO-CEL® L module. The new product made its debut at IFAT 2018 in Munich in May.

 | Img Products Microdyn Nadir Biocel L 1
MICRODYN-NADIR's BIO-CEL L MBR membrane module was unveiled at IFAT 2018 | News May 18 Microdyn Unveils Biocel L Ifat
MICRODYN-NADIR's BIO-CEL L MBR membrane module was unveiled at IFAT 2018

The new MICRODYN BIO-CEL® L module offers 360-degree access, which makes the membrane system easier to clean and maintain. This open access design is a first for the BIO-CEL product line.

MICRODYN say that the BIO-CEL L module offers more effective cleaning to ensure longer operating life and performance that won’t diminish over time. The BIO-CEL module will also be easier to access and safer for operators to perform regular maintenance.

OVIVO uses MICRODYN-NADIR’S BIO-CEL modules in their OVIVO® MBR systems. Dennis Livingston, Director of MBR Systems for OVIVO, says of the new open-sided BIO-CEL module, 'No other module can be serviced as easily as the BIO-CEL module in the event of system upsets, screen bypass or other similar types of events that do happen at MBR facilities. Even in the worst-case situation, the BIO-CEL can be quickly recovered in-situ (in the tank) whereas competing technologies must be taken out and physically cleaned in a labor-intensive, sometimes dangerous process.'

MICRODYN-NADIR's BIO-CEL L MBR membrane module | Img Products Microdyn Nadir Biocel L 3
MICRODYN-NADIR's BIO-CEL L MBR membrane module

'BIO-CEL combines the best elements of flat-plate technology and hollow fiber designs in terms of efficiency and robustness. At one of our most recent flat-plate upgrades, the customer has reported a 50% decrease in energy bills and that kind of result speaks for itself,' Livingston says.

ENVI-PUR is another environmental engineering company that designs and builds water and wastewater plants.

'We want to provide our customers’ MBR systems with the best possible reliability,' says Daniel Vilím, Head of Technology at ENVI-PUR. 'With its open design, the new BIO-CEL L will have the best cleaning capabilities. This will mean minimal maintenance effort and downtime for our customers.'

BIO-CEL MBR is produced in Wiesbaden, Germany as well as in MICRODYN-NADIR's new, 27,000-square-foot facility in Austin, Texas.

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