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WTA Vogtland launches a new submerged membrane module − the H2L

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WTA Vogtland, a wastewater company headquartered in Plauen, Germany, is launching a new submerged membrane module, the H2L. The 2nd generation submerged membrane module for filtration applications in water and wastewater is called the 'H2L' short for 'Hybrid 2nd Level'.

As the name 'Hybrid' suggests, H2L combines the advantages of two existing submerged module concepts hollow fibre (with its backwash-ability and high packing density) and flat sheet (with its easy pre-treatment and good hydraulic behaviour).

The multi-layered design of the membrane pockets, which WTA Vogtland call 'Safe Guard Technology', ensures the safe rejection of bacteria and solids even if the membrane layer suffers damage. The product is especially suitable for limited tank height and areas.

WTA Vogtland's H2L | News Jan 17 Wta Vogtland Launches New Membrane Module  H2 L 1
WTA Vogtland's H2L
WTA Vogtland's H2L | News Jan 17 Wta Vogtland Launches New Membrane Module  H2 L 2
WTA Vogtland's H2L

The design concept of H2L is modular, built from 'Ultrafiltration Single Blocks' (USBs) which are available in different sizes. Based on this concept, H2L is available in 64 different standard sizes ranging from 20500 m2 membrane surface area. H2L can be adjusted and adapted to any treatment performance requirements in order to fulfill the needs of plant owners, operators and EPC companies.

Its modular design means the H2L module can be constructed, dismantled or serviced easily and directly in the filtration tank without the need to use lifting devices or cranes. This helps to reduce costs in terms of time and money and is a prerequisite for projects with low installation heights.

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