Evoqua’s MemPulse® MBR system selected for Star City WWTP improvement project

Evoqua Water Technologies has announced its Memcor MemPulse® MBR system has been selected in a project to increase capacity and allow for future expansion at the Star City Wastewater Treatment Plant, USA.

The Memcor MemPulse® MBR system was pre-selected for its reduced footprint, operational simplicity, and ability to deliver consistent, high quality effluent. The $5.8 million project will include five Memcor MBR cells to treat 12.8 million gallons per day at peak flow of wastewater.

The design of the MemPulse® MBR system was a key factor in selecting Evoqua for this project as the city needed to increase capacity in the existing footprint and allow for future expansions. The space-saving, modular design of the system allows for more productivity in a smaller footprint. As a result, the city will be able to expand further in the future to treat a total of 20 MGD in the existing plant footprint, based upon its growth needs.

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