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WaterQ delivers first 1,800 FlatQ membranes to retrofit membrane bioreactor Konzen, Germany

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WaterQ WVER Membranes in use | News May 16 Waterq Delivers 1,800 Flatq Membranes To Konzen Germany
WaterQ WVER Membranes in use

Dutch water technology firm WaterQ has delivered 1,800 FlatQ flat sheet membranes to Wasserverband Eifel-Rur for the retrofit of their membrane bioreactor at wastewater treatment plant Konzen, Germany.

MBR Konzen has a capacity of 9,700 population equivalent and can handle 5,900 m3 daily. The installation has eight aeration chambers equipped with a total of 28,800 double stacked flat sheet membranes.

The FlatQ membranes replaced the existing plate membranes that were in use since 2006 when the membrane bioreactor was built. German water authority Wasserverband Eifel-Rur chose FlatQ membranes because of its price/quality ratio and the expected operational energy efficiency. Wasserverband Eifel-Rur has also ordered a second batch of 3,600 FlatQs.

One of the characteristics of the FlatQ is the asymmetric pore structure of 0.1 micron that is manufactured from PVDF which has a high chemical resistance. The pores are relatively small but their density is higher. As a result less suction pressure is needed to push the clean water through the membrane, improving energy efficiency. The different pore structure also allows a higher permeability, so more wastewater can be handled.

WaterQ has designed its membranes in such a way that they easily retrofit the original suppliers. And in some cases, even in the same racks. By lifting out the racks, the retrofit of 1,800 membranes at MBR Konzen was completed in two days, simply by unplugging the permeate tube, replacing the membrane panels and reconnecting the tube again.

MBR Konzen is WaterQ's first retrofit in Germany. Previous retrofits include membrane bioreactors in Italy, UK & Ireland, China and the Netherlands (industrial).

WaterQ B.V., a subsidiary of Orchard Park B.V., was founded in the Netherlands in 2005 as a supplier of water purification solutions.

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