Traverse City renews $2.5 million wastewater treatment contract with CH2M

The City of Traverse City, Michigan, has approved a 5-year contract renewal with CH2M for operations and maintenance of the Traverse City Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City Commission voted six to one to renew the partnership.

CH2M operates the city’s wastewater treatment facility in addition to maintaining and operating the city’s lift stations and eight township autosamplers. The CH2M team also guided the city through a $32 million upgrade that added a membrane bioreactor to the treatment system — at the time of its construction it was the largest and most advanced of its kind in North America. CH2M will see the city through the membrane replacement process over the next four years.

Traverse City’s Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant serves 50,000 residents, plus local industries. Originally built in 1932, the 8.5-million-gallon-per-day facility has been upgraded several times, and now employs advanced membrane filtration technology to produce high-quality treated effluent that helps sustain public and environmental health.

The CH2M and Traverse City partnership has resulted in reduced energy and chemical consumption, cost savings, awards including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency IPP Excellence Award, the Michigan Water Environmental Association Health and Safety Award, industry firsts and ongoing community support.

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