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United Envirotech sign an agreement to invest RMB 300 million to build and operate an industrial park wastewater treatment plant in Xinjiang, PRC

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The wastewater treatment plant will serve a petrochemical industrial park in Luntai County, a county in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The 72 km2 industrial park is a major petrochemical hub located at the start of the 4,000 km 'West–East Gas Pipeline', which is a massive project that transports natural gas from Xinjiang in the Western China to Shanghai in the Eastern China.

The total capacity of the treatment plant is 100,000 m3/day and is divided into 2 phases of 50,000 m3/day each. The total investment for the construction of the 50,000 m3/day (Phase 1) wastewater treatment plant and the associated piping network is estimated to be RMB 300 million (SGD 66.7 million). The wastewater treatment plant will use UEL’s advanced Membrane Bioreactor technology.

Commenting on the project, Dr Lin Yucheng, Chairman and CEO of UEL said 'This will be our first project in the Xinjiang region and when completed, our plant will be the first petrochemical MBR in Xinjiang. We believe that our MBR technology has huge potential in the industrialization and development of the water scarce western region of China.

'Wastewater treated using the MBR technology is fit for recycling, a big advantage compared to other technologies which will require additional treatment processes to achieve the same aim. Our excellent track record in petrochemical industrial wastewater treatment using MBR technology has given us a lead in breaking into this new region.'

The project will commence immediately and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

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