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Pentair launches flux enhancement technology for its tubular X-Flow membrane modules at WEFTEC 2015

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The Helix versus the standard Pentair X-Flow tubular membrane | News Oct 15 Pentair Launches Flux Enhancement Technology For Tubular Xflow At Weftec 2015 1
The Helix versus the standard Pentair X-Flow tubular membrane

At WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago, USA, Pentair presented its tubular membrane modules equipped with Helix, the flux enhancing technology that 'ushers in the next generation of membrane systems' for treating industrial wastewater with high organic content. Pentair says the technology reduces fouling, increases flow and saves energy.

The flux enhancing Helix technology allows for much higher productivity by optimising long-term membrane performance. It does so by preventing the build up of foulants which traditionally reduce the hydraulic permeability of membrane systems. The uncontrolled build up of insoluble foulants/particles increases energy consumption and decreases overall performance. The common answer until now was to step up the crossflow velocity, leading to higher energy consumption.


The company says that Helix effectively resolves the most important performance bottleneck in high-solids ultrafiltration (UF) by bringing constant turbulence right to the membrane wall. Flux decline in any filtration process is caused by concentration polarisation and fouling, with the solute accumulating to eventually form a cake layer. The introduction of helically winding ridges delivers enhanced mixing and thus significantly reduces this formation of solids, even at low crossflow velocities. With this ongoing cleansing process, more permeate can flow through the membrane without additional energy demand.

Pentair X-Flow Compact 75G | News Oct 15 Pentair Launches Flux Enhancement Technology For Tubular Xflow At Weftec 2015 2
Pentair X-Flow Compact 75G

Tubular (Compact) product range

Combining high turbulence with low energy consumption, Helix can deliver up to 100 per cent extra productivity and reduce energy costs by 50 per cent, depending on the feed water characteristics. The new Helix technology is available on all X-Flow tubular (Compact) membranes. The latest addition to this product range is the 12 inch diameter Compact 75G, a glass fibre-reinforced epoxy module with high mechanical strength and high chemical resistance. Compact 75G is the largest diameter product available in the tubular membrane product range. The unique design minimises construction costs and maximises output. The Compact membranes were developed for the most demanding wastewater applications in the Food & Beverage industry, refineries, petrochemicals, Automotive and Produced Water treatment in the Oil & Gas industry.

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