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Ovivo awarded a 10 million dollars contract for an MBR system in North America − Lubbock Northwest water reclamation plant

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Ovivo Inc. has been awarded a significant contract in the municipal market in North America to supply a membrane bioreactor system. MBR systems are widely considered as one of the best technologies available for wastewater treatment and reuse applications.

Lubbock Northwest Water Reclamation plant in Texas will employ Ovivo® MBR technology to treat three million gallons per day (MGD) average flow, and could be expanded to 15 MGD. The drought in Texas has become so severe that many municipal water management entities have to consider reclaim and reuse. In addition, the need for reuse will only grow with the expectation of both Texas as a whole and Lubbock to double its population in the next 35 years.

City of Lubbock Mayor Robertson said 'the technology was designed to give the city the option to reclaim the water for reuse'. The plant will also provide relief to Lubbock’s Southeast water reclamation plant which can process about 32 MGD of sewage.

The contract value is over 10 million dollars and is one of many sales of MBR technology booked by Ovivo in the last two years, totalling more than 90 million dollars. The equipment is scheduled for delivery in 2016.

‘This new contract further demonstrates Ovivo’s leadership position in the MBR space in North America, a market that has experienced steady growth over the last decade,’ said Marc Barbeau, President and Chief Executive Officer. ‘Driven by increasingly strict legislation governing wastewater disposal, as well as the challenges faced by water-stressed regions, the MBR market has a strong growth potential and we are well positioned to capitalise on it,’ added Mr Barbeau.

(All amounts are in Canadian dollars)

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