Largest membrane bioreactor system in Europe utilises PURON® MBR modules

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has announced that the largest MBR plant in Europe is now fully operational treating 100% of its incoming capacity with KMS PURON® MBR modules.

The wastewater treatment system was upgraded to an MBR system with 10 trains of PURON® membrane modules to process up to 96,700 m3 (25.5 million gallons) of effluent per day. The PURON® MBR technology modernises the plant so it will meet future effluent quality and legal requirements of the European Community.

The MBR System was constructed at the Carré de Reunion wastewater treatment plant adjacent to the Palace of Versailles gardens. The wastewater treated at the facility will discharge into the small 'Ru de Gally' stream, a side arm of the river Seine, which has its source in the palace gardens. It is owned by 'Le Syndicat Mixte d’Assainissement de la Région Ouest de Versailles' (SMAROV).

'We had very limited space and the reduced footprint of the PURON® MBR modules from KMS were the clear choice. They reduced our space requirements by 1/3 when compared to adding standard basins for purification.' said Jérôme Colin, Director Process of the project Véolia.

'It was great to partner with Véolia on a project of this magnitude,' said Jack Noble, EMEA Commercial Director for Koch Membrane Systems. 'Increasing the capacity and efficiency of the plant with our PURON® MBR modules will improve the water quality of the Seine River and provide long term environmental benefits for the Versailles Region of France.'

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