Koch Membrane Systems launches PULSION, the 'next-generation MBR'

Koch Membrane Systems, a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative filtration membranes and systems, has announced the launch of PULSION MBR at WEFTEC on 28 September 2015 in Chicago, USA.

PULSION MBR requires a smaller system footprint and reduces long-term operational costs. It pulses a large bubble through a chambered fibre bundle creating a highly efficient pumping action resulting in lower air and aeration energy requirements than traditional air scour methods. Improved recirculation of mixed liquor within the membrane module not only results in lowered air requirements, but also boosts achievable fluxes. Coupling greater productivity with an increase in packing density allows the overall system footprint to be significantly reduced. Operating with a continuous supply of air eliminates the need for air cycle valves. A reduced air flow rate applied to the membranes on a continuous basis instead of high air flows applied cyclically reduces the size of the air delivery equipment by 50 per cent.

'PULSION MBR represents the next generation of MBR technology built on the same robust membrane utilised in PURON® MBR systems all over the world. The energy efficiency and reduced footprint of our PULSION MBR gives us the opportunity to offer the proven performance of the PURON® single header design, reinforced PVDF membrane, and central aeration to new and existing applications for a comparable cost of ownership to conventional wastewater plants,' said Manny Singh, Senior Vice President of Technology for KMS.

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