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Impacted by the drought, the City of Carlsbad in California selected H2O Innovation as part of a design-build team for a new water reuse system

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All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.

H2O Innovation Inc. has announced that it has recently been awarded new contracts in the United States and in Canada for a total value of $7 million, including a contract with the City of Carlsbad in California for the design of a water reuse system. These new contracts bring the sales backlog for water treatment systems up to $44 million as of August 27, 2015.

The water treatment expertise and knowledge of H2O Innovation contributed to a successful design-build effort with the City of Carlsbad in California for the design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of a water reuse system. This ultrafiltration system will have a 3 MGD (11,356 m3/d) capacity and will treat the effluent of the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility. The filtrate water will then be used for non-potable water applications such as irrigation and certain industrial applications. This design-build project will be the third expansion of the Carlsbad Water Recycling Facility and benefits from financial help provided by the State of California.

Of the contracts secured in the last few weeks, two of them consist of the design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of drinking water systems for municipalities located within the United States. The Sweetwater Authority in California, located near San Diego, has selected H2O Innovation to expand its desalination plant, which were built by the Company in 2000. The existing system produces 4 MGD (15,141 m3/d) of drinking water and will be increased to 5 MGD (18,927 m3/d) with the addition of three reverse osmosis trains treating brackish water. This system expansion will benefit the cities of Bonita, Chula Vista, and National City which are all strongly affected by the drought in California.

Furthermore, the City of Arkansas in Kansas also contracted H2O Innovation to replace its existing lime softening system used for the production of drinking water. A new four-trains RO system will be installed to produce 3 MGD (11,356 m3/d) of drinking water from groundwater. The manufacturing of this system is preceded by a 45-day piloting period to validate the treatment scheme.

Finally, the Company will design, manufacture, deliver and commission a new membrane bioreactor (MBR) system to be installed in the Province of Quebec. This wastewater system of three trains will treat 36 GPM (196 m3/d) of wastewater. This is an important opportunity for H2O Innovation since this project enables the Company to introduce, for the first time in the Province of Quebec, one of its green wastewater technologies.

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