GE’s water business to acquire Netherlands-based IMT Solutions

GE has announced that it has agreed to acquire IMT Solutions, a private Netherlands-based manufacturer of ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes for water treatment.

With IMT’s ultrafiltration membrane technology, GE will be expanding and complementing its existing ZeeWeed advanced ultrafiltration hollow-fibre membrane portfolio. IMT’s products, including its SevenBore® ultrafiltration membranes, are suitable for high-pressure applications and are ideal for use in upstream offshore oil and gas operations.

GE will use its global reach, as well as commercial and execution capability, to take IMT’s membrane technology, integrate it with its own and proliferate it across the world.

Ultrafiltration membranes are utilised for drinking water, wastewater, tertiary and water reuse applications as well as industrial feedwater and reverse osmosis pretreatment. The technology is operational in thousands of municipal, industrial and commercial applications worldwide. GE ZeeWeed 500D membranes are used for tough-to-treat and high solids applications; GE ZeeWeed 1000 membranes are for large plants and retrofit opportunities; and GE ZeeWeed 1500 membranes are used in small- to medium-sized plants.

'GE and IMT Solutions share a commitment to purifying water and reusing water through the use of membranes. Our technologies have great synergy and together will be able to reach a broader market,' said Nico Marsman, general manager, IMT Solutions.

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