The BIO-CEL® XL | News May 14 Microdyn Nadirs First Biocel Xl Order

MICRODYN-NADIR officially launched their product innovation the BIO-CEL® XL at the IFAT 2014 in Munich and received their first order during the show.

This new XL-version of the BIO-CEL® submerged module for membrane bioreactors has a total membrane area of 1,900 m2. It has been developed especially for large scale applications with a total inflow to the MBR plant of more than 2,000 m3/d of wastewater to be treated. As the BIO-CEL® is the only product for MBR processes available which combines the advantages of hollow fibers and plate and frame modules without displaying their particular disadvantages, it is the perfect solution for an even more efficient operation of large scale plants and easier installation of the module into the MBR plant.

First successful operating experiences of the BIO-CEL® XL in a municipal plant are available dating from July 2013.

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