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Anaergia hybrid-membrane technology selected for water reuse projects in California

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Anaergia Inc., have announced that the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) has selected FibrePlate™ hybrid-membrane™ technology for two sub-regional membrane bioreactor facilities. The MBR facilities will be located in high growth areas of the service region and produce a combined two million gallons per day of high quality effluent for landscape irrigation.

In addition to providing a drought-proof supply of water, the sub-regional MBR facilities will reduce the overall load on the collection system, enabling VVWRA to defer costly infrastructure expansion and reduce the energy costs associated with pumping recycled water.

'This is a critical project that will help to ensure the future sustainability and economic prosperity of our communities,' said Logan Olds, General Manager of Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority. 'We have a proven track record of employing best-in-class technologies to help solve critical wastewater infrastructure challenges. FibrePlate™ represents a new generation of membrane technology that offers unique operational efficiencies including future capacity expansion capabilities for the VVWRA.'

'We are honored to have been selected for these MBR projects by the VVWRA,' said Andrew Benedek, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Anaergia. 'FibrePlate™ membranes are a game changing technology and they are the first 100% newly designed membrane that the industry has seen in a long time. The hybrid-membrane™ combines the best advantages of hollow-fibre and flat-sheet technologies to deliver a significant capital and operating cost advantage to our clients.'

Compared to conventional water reuse processes, the MBR facilities will have a small footprint and each facility will be architecturally designed to blend with the local community.

FibrePlate™ hybrid-membrane™ technology offers several unique benefits to MBR facility owners and operators. The technology combines the best advantages of hollow-fibre membranes including high packing density and a backwash capability with the low trans-membrane pressure and ease of operation of flat sheet membranes. The result is a significant reduction in capital and operating cost and exceptional operating flexibility for new or existing MBR facilities planning membrane replacements.

The FibrePlate™ membrane is manufactured by Fibracast Inc.

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