Ovivo will build the largest membrane bioreactor system in North America

GLV Inc., via its water treatment business unit Ovivo, announces its participation to upgrade a wastewater treatment plant for The City of Canton in Ohio (USA). Ovivo will deliver the largest membrane bioreactor in the United States.

'Since the 1990s, or even earlier, MBR solutions have been recognised as best available treatment technology from an environmental standpoint. However, cost and energy were higher than conventional treatment alternatives. Now, as the result of numerous system and equipment innovations, this project and many others are signaling that MBR is the technology of today and the technology of the future,' said Marc Barbeau, President of Ovivo and Executive Vice President of GLV Inc. in a conference held by the City of Canton.

The projected start date for commissioning the new plant is 2015 with completion due in 2017. The project total costs are about US$90 million, of which US$28 million are for Ovivo’s MBR system.

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