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Litree launches new durable PVC reinforced hollow fibre membrane

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 | News Nov 13 Litree Launches New Durable Pvc Reinforced Hollow Fibre Membrane 1

Shenzhen Litree Purifying Technology Co.,Ltd, in partnership with WaterQ B.V., has announced the launch of a new PVC reinforced hollow fibre membrane designed for water and wastewater treatment. The GEMINI LJ1E3 is available as the LJ1E3-2000 with 26 membrane modules or as a double row structure with 52 membrane modules. Two different module lengths are available 1500 mm and 2000 mm.

Litree say that one of the key features of the product is its strong tensile strength, which will lead to a longer product life span.

'With the demand for higher chemical resistance and more aggressive fluxes in mind, we designed the reinforced PVC membrane. Currently, large important references are being operated at highly satisfactory results. We are happy to introduce our latest innovation in the water treatment sector,' said Mr Chen, CEO of Litree Enterprises.

 | News Nov 13 Litree Launches New Durable Pvc Reinforced Hollow Fibre Membrane 2

Litree is China's largest producer of membrane filtration for municipal and industrial applications. Founded in 1992, Litree's UF membrane products are applied in industrial water treatment, drinking water treatment, rural water supply, and household water treatment. Today, Litree’s products with UF membrane technology are exported to over 40 countries such as Japan, America and Australia, for use in over 600 medium and large water treatment projects.

Hainan Litree is the company's fibre production facility. Lianggang Chen, president of Hainan Litree Purifying Technology Co., Ltd, describes the new factory: 'This new-build base’s phase I project consists of an office block and a workshop of over 40,000 m2. After phase I, the capacity will be three times higher than before. Once Yunlong base, in which 800 million was invested, has been completed, there will be three factories of over 130,000 m2. These support the production of 30 million m2 UF membrane per year; the capacity will then equal the total sum of current global UF membrane output.'

WaterQ B.V., a subsidiary of Orchard Park B.V., was founded in the Netherlands in 2005 and has developed a special relationship with Litree, becoming their main distributor in first Benelux and subsequently the MENA region.

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