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GE's new LEAPprimary technology reduces the energy consumption and increases the reliability of MBR technology while enabling maximum energy generation from wastewater

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GE has announced the introduction of LEAPprimary, an innovative primary treatment technology for use with GE's ZeeWeed membrane bioreactor and LEAPmbr systems. LEAPprimary significantly reduces overall energy usage, costs and physical space requirements by combining separation, thickening and dewatering of primary wastewater solids into one compact, high-performance unit. It replaces conventional clarification and fine screening in a typical MBR plant.

LEAPprimary offers high removal of total suspended solids (5070 per cent) and biochemical oxygen demand (2540 per cent), and the removed solids can be dewatered to 2030 per cent dry matter, minimising handling costs. Energy usage for biological treatment is reduced because solids and organic material are removed prior to secondary biological treatment. The dewatered residual product also enables energy recovery, as it is rich in organics and can be used in anaerobic digestion, incineration or other processes that convert the organics in wastewater to energy.

Overall cost savings are achieved because the technology replaces multiple unit operations and the reduced organic load results in smaller biological reactors and blowers. The enhanced influent solids screening also helps extend ZeeWeed MBR membrane life. LEAPprimary fits into as little as one-tenth the space required by conventional technology and is well-suited for where site availability is limited or where land can be better used for other processes or for expansion.

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